Locations Guild
of Ireland

Representing Film & Television Locations Personnel in Ireland


Thanks for taking the time to visit us here at LGI. Our Guild represents Location Managers, Assistant Location Managers Assistants and Trainees operating in Ireland. We aim to enhance the service provided to domestic and international Producers & Production Companies, and improve standards by working as a co-operative association.

Members have experience of International & National Film & Television production – Feature Film, TV Series, Commercials, Music Videos and Documentaries. A nationwide service is provided, and members can advise what part of Ireland best suits your production. If you are a Production Company or Producer requiring an availability check on Locations Crew for hire, you can email us with your production details, we can then post your job to all our members.

If you wish to contact a specific Locations person with regard to a production then use the Members Page to view who we are. Members listings, contact details & a brief overview of their recent experience is available here.

Screen Guilds of Ireland

SGI represents film and television workers across the many departments within the Film and Television Industry in Ireland with the aim of establishing and promoting a fair, transparent and rewarding working environment for all workers engaged in the industry, spanning national and international productions of all scales and genres.

Locations Guild of Ireland is supported by & in partnership with Screen Guilds Ireland


Ireland offers a diverse and spectacular selection of cinematic locations.

This includes the well-known favourites such as Castles, Country Houses, Georgian & Victorian Streets, and a wealth of forests, mountains, beaches & lakes. But in addition to this Ireland can also offer a range of urban and rural locations – wastelands, abandoned quarries, disused factories, crumbling flats and streetscapes both modern & old.

Ireland also offers locations that can double as other countries. The Victorian and Georgian streets and houses frequently double for contemporary and period Britain or Northern Ireland.

But in addition to this, Films & TV series have shot New York, California, Post – War Rome, Medieval France, Arthurian Britain, Palaeolithic Spain, and even planets in faraway galaxies. It can require a little creative thinking, Art Department magic, and some CGI assistance, but the core elements on offer make it possible.

LGI are committed to working closely with Screen Ireland.

Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland is the development agency for the Irish film, television and animation industry. You can find out more about Screen Ireland and filming in Ireland here.

Continuous Professional Development

The Locations Guild of Ireland encourages and supports a culture of continuous learning and development within the profession. We have a Skills Development sub-committee to facilitate skills needs analysis for the various grades in our profession and continued development of up-to-date competency frameworks across the grades.

The output from this process and feedback from Guild members is used by LGI to co-ordinate with Screen Guilds Ireland, Screen Skillnets and other relevant bodies to develop and implement skills development programmes, both hands on and academic, to enable our members to achieve and maintain the very high standards of professional performance with which the Irish film industry is synonymous.

Filming in Ireland

Ireland has a strong and thriving Film, Television & TV Commercial Industry, with world class Cast, Crew and Post-Production professionals. As well as supporting a vibrant domestic audiovisual sector, Ireland has long been a destination for international film production including Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart, Disenchanted, The Last Duel and The Green Knight.

Ireland has also welcomed international TV productions, with Netflix, Disney, Apple TV & Amazon filming here for series such as Foundation. Vikings/Valhalla, Modern Love, Winx and more. BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, TF1, ZDF and other leading European broadcasters film in Ireland frequently.

In addition to its diverse and spectacular locations, Ireland’s film & television sector is built on expertise & training in both Cast & Crew, the 32 – 37% tax credit available, and its studio infrastructure.


Ireland has a wealth of crew with experience at the highest level, including many Oscar and other international award winners. Screen Guilds of Ireland is the collective body, containing Guilds for Camera, ADs, Art, Props, Costume, Hair, Make-Up, Stunts and more.



Ireland is home to a number of different Studio facilities, in a range of sizes.

Ardmore Studios

Ashford Studios

Troy Studios

Film Bodies

National Bodies