The Location Guild is part of the Screen Guilds of Ireland. An elected Chairperson working with volunteer Secretary and Committee members manage the operations.

Membership is open to all who apply and make their annual subscription/contribution. There is an upgrading system based on experience and members approval.

Meet our LGI Committee Members:

Cathy Pearson

Mairead Sandford

Evelyn O’Neill

Jessica Heery

Gary Cahillane

Conor O’Carroll
Sean Flynn

Health& Safety
Rossa O’Neill
Michael Byrne

Training & Education LGI Sub Committee
Colm Nolan – Chairperson Sub committee
Stan Nangle – Training Officer
Peter Freyne – Training Officer

Digital & Social Media
Pat Nangle

The Guild offers members a network of colleagues, a structure for career advancement, and professional development.

Our Constitution outlines the aims, functions and structures of the Guild.

The Code of Practice covers the duties and responsibilities of the Guild.

If you are interesting in joining the Location Guild of Ireland, or would like more information, then please contact us at